Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where I am and what I have learned so far ...

A flurry of essay writing activities over the past few weeks has kept me busy, not to mention that I have a huge load at work and other things keeping me preoccupied. A quick update on where I am so far in the process:

1) Wharton - first and second drafts done, working on polishing the essays - looks like I will make R1
2) Stanford - same as above (By far, my most favourite set of essays :-)
3) Sloan - first drafts done, over a month left for R1, looks like will make it for R1
4) HBS - first drafts done. Moving from R1 to R2

HBS was the first set of essays that I tackled. However, given the brevity that these essays demand, I will not be able to do justice to them in R1, so I have decided to push HBS to R2. Yes, I know I am running a huge risk here, but I cannot sacrifice the quality of my application.

5) Haas - R2, looked at the essay topics, but not started yet
6) Kellogg - R2, looked at the essay topics, but not started yet

When I step back and take a look at the entire application process, I do want to give in my best. At the same time, I know that I cannot rush in and compromise quality. I try not to get distracted. However, for my own sanity, after spending the entire week redrafting essays, I spend Fri or Sat eve relaxing, catching a movie, or spending time with my family, something else other than applications... I feel that is important because it charges me, refreshes me for yet another round. Because this whole thing is a process for discovering oneself, encapsulating one's life to a set of goals. And whenever I feel bogged down by the various forums citing how competitive the top schools are, I remember to believe in myself, my passions, the truth surrounding me and my life, because that what makes me who I am and defines what matters the most to me .....

Essay Tips

MIT Sloan Essay Topic Analysis ...

1) From
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

HBS Essays...

Although the questions look simple, these essays are the toughest of the lot, specially with the word limits and the succinctness that has to go in each essay. As of now, I am done with first drafts of the HBS essays.But still have a long way to go. I might consider pushing HBS to R2, if I cannot make the essays as good as I want them to be.