Thursday, March 22, 2007


Much before you ponder to ask yourself this question, your mind may have thought about doing an MBA for whatever reason - be it only for the sake of doing an MBA, or because all your friends are doing an MBA, or because that might seem to be the only option for more $$$, or whatever . MBA is not a must-have degree, it falls in the category of "nice-to-have" things in your life. After all, if you pick the top 10 people in any field, chances are that only odd person amongst them may have done an MBA. Then why do an MBA?

when you approach this question - do not think about "what the bschool wants to hear"? Rather, I would say that do not think about this question at all.

  • Think about what you want to do in your life
  • think about your own vision for your life, what are you passionate about? Are you following those passions

No matter what you are doing currently, whether you like or dislike your job, ponder about these things. And then ask yourself whether an MBA will help you to go from where you are to where you want to do in your life?

In all my thinking, I believed that an MBA will only help me, it is not a must-have. Therefore the belief to do what I really set for myself is something that should come from within me. There are umpteen examples of people who have conquered this world without even completing their school education. (eg. Dhirubhai Ambani, Bill Gates and so on). There are others as well who have completed a business education and then risen to the top tier in their company or founded global organizations (eg. Indra Nooyi and so on). So, really there is no wrong or right answer. It goes to prove that MBA is definitely beneficial, but life also goes on when there is no MBA or rather MBA admit. That is why it is important to understand for yourself what your goals in life are? This is not about the next immediate career move that you might have considered. This is thinking about your purpose in life .. and the kind of positive difference you want to make in this world. An MBA will give you skills, confidence to some extent, and the network to begin the journey. Your own belief will get you there.


It's been a while ....

since I wrote a post to my dear own MBA blog. A lot happened in the last few months ...

1) My visit to Wharton confirmed that this is the place for me ...
2) I spent quite some time writing the scholarship essay, resume etc for Wharton. After having written so many application essays, I guess I could have re-used some of them . However, in my opinion, this is one essay that you wanna write carefully, not just for the money, but because this is your first post admit writeup, you should bring out the best in yourself
3) Loans, loans and more loans - I did quite some research here from the local banks, to find what deals they have for international folks living in this country who have built some credit history. Not many options, but some are quite nice. I will post my findings in a while

In my next post, I am planning to write about my thought process during the past year when I went through the application process...