Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Posts

1) Vatsa's advice for MBA applicants from the IT industry

2) Reco Advice

3) Adcom Panel Review

Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally, my targets!!

I think my last post on "Target or not", I saw a comments on "Why not Stern? or Chicago?" - when I saw these sites, I got the impression that these really good schools are very good for finance , something I that will learn about in MBA, but will not be focussing on a finance based career. Also , I cannot apply to all schools , can I ? :-)

So , here 's my target list so far, in alphabetical order

1) Haas
2) HBS
3) Kellogg
4) Stanford
5) Sloan
6) UCLA/Ross (may opt out if I don't have time)
7) Wharton

I am looking into social enterprise , responsible business, marketing , international focus as some of the key areas. Being a non-business major who has worked in tech industry and some non-profits, I like the general management focus that some of these schools have, that will definitely give me a foundation in varied business areas. As always, suggestions welcome!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

School - Target or not

This past week, spent some time going over websites of some schools, to reaffirm my target selection. This is my last chance, once I confirm my selection, I do not want to get randomized by going out and changing one or two, adding anything new or whatever. Here are some brief points on all the schools:

1) Carnegie Mellon : great for finance, manufacturing, brand name CMU, proximity to NY area (lots of NY companies flock for recruiting)
2) Columbia : finance, in the NY city (for Wall Street connections!!!)
3) Johnson, Cornell : geneal management, finance
4) Tuck: general management, small school/class atmosphere, strong alum connections (Tuck community)
5) Fuqua: general management, health care management, TEAM Fuqua
6) Sloan : innovate, entrepreneurship, a bit more analytical (strong engineering connections amongst other things)
7) Kellogg: Marketing, teamwork, Chicago (midwest area)

More to come ....