Thursday, April 01, 2010

Build your unique brand in your MBA application

My class at Wharton was very diverse, very international and one that had the best of the best from various walks of life. A few students had accomplished unparalleled feats. Sample this, we had amongst ourselves -

1) An Olympian athlete and a medalist
2) Few people who had climbed Mt. Everest and other top peaks in the world
3) Someone who had fought for and survived the Tiananmen square protests
4) Someone who had worked in the poorest of nations in the world and had made international development their lifelong goal

For a regular applicant, it would be difficult to beat these accomplishments. However, could you think like a marketing pro and build your unique brand in your MBA application and the rest of your MBA journey? Consider this:

Many a times, applicants focus most of their time and energy in answering the 4 or 5 essay questions posed by the school in the MBA application. And little attention is paid to understand how all these pieces fit together to describe “you”- the person, your unique story and positioning & differentiation within the fiercely competitive MBA applicant pool.

Most of the application components provide you ample space to write about your professional achievements. This is only one side of the picture. Draw the rest by writing about yourself, about activities or interests that you are passionate about or where you have spent a good time and have made a difference to a group of people or transformed an organization.

The MBA admissions committee wants to know about the whole person and how that person will evolve into a business leader using all his qualities and make a difference within their community and this world at large. Make sure to write about your unique story and stand out!