Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am still there ...

It's been a month since i posted to this blog. Within few days of the Wharton admit news, I went on a vacation trip in December to some places in Asia and also went home to India for a family wedding. The admit news kicked off my trip on a positive note. I couldn't have asked for a better X'mas gift. On another note, i made a lot of observations about the ongoing changes in India, especially Mumbai, which I plan to talk about in a different post. Since I returned, I decided to digg into the post b-school admit phase. But a bad flu attack brought that to a halt. As i am recovering from that, I realize that the following things have become a priority for me on the b-school side:

1) Visa - I would need a visa to pursue to study in the US. Have to figure out the specifics here.
2) FinAid - needless to say, any kind of scholarship/finaid here would be welcome.
3) B-school specifics- this includes everything ranging from visiting the school to housing to ...

I also found that, there are two other admit students from Seattle, who might be heading to W. We have a meet coming up soon on Feb 3rd. I am also excited to be there for the Wharton Winter Welcome weekend. I have never been to Phily. So I plan to explore W as well as check out Phily as a living option for the next two years.

On the schools front, I received a DING from Stanford. When I did not receive an interview invite by early Jan, I expected no better results. That's a bummer for all my hopes on staying on the West Coast and being close to my family here. Haas is still there, however, the class size of Haas is much smaller than that of Stanford. So I don't expect miracles on that end. However, i am very happy with the W news. Because, getting an admit in a top school is tough and a reapplicant at W would know that better.

More to come about my Wharton Winter Welcome visit..