Thursday, June 14, 2007

GMAT Resources

I was cleaning up my machine, when I came saw an old file containing links to GMAT resources. Enjoy! (Note: I haven't used all of these. So, I am not sure which ones are good.)

1) Crack Gmat - Free downloadable sample GMAT, full length test
2) MicroEdu - Sample test
3) 800 score - Three most common question types:
4) - This page has several links to tips, questions and tips for test day!
5) Thompson Peterson’s - A few sample questions:
6) GMAT tips -
7) Princeton Review does have one online test that you can take on their website with no obligation, you might want to try that to start with.It can be found here:

8) If you are a more point-n-click oriented person, Test Tutor offers a free online GMAT counrse at this URL
9) Grammar traps at


Matt said...

Hi, you could probably add one more resource which is actually excellent in its content WinGMAT

It is a video based GMAT math tutorial site.

Jilt said...

Also try out Free Gmat Test Some really tough questions here